Whatever your ship needs, We can get it for You!

We are able to provide full range of maritime services, for all kinds of sea-going vessels.

We provide the maritime sphere of business with all-in-one package of services, from setting them on water and creating full functional team with the right management and satellite/ communication infrastructure, to providing full supply and technical support 24/7/365.

Being young, dynamic, technologically advanced, diversified and fast growing group of companies, allows us to provide our clients with top class maritime solutions at the best possible prices, without compromising quality.

Marine Communication Services OÜ (reg. № 12108688), founded in 2011, consists of highly qualified workers with multiyear experience in the sphere of ship supply, technical support and information technologies, sea specialization. Work is conducted according to IMO, ISPS and SOLAS standards.


Our Mission is to become your preferred and reliable 24/7/365 one-stop fleet supplier and assistant in the region of the Baltic sea.

To provide you with global technical assistance with on demand mobile technical group ready to work on the go. As well as to connect your fleet with the world through reliable and cost effective satellite communication.


From the very beginning one of our main area of activity has been supplying the shipping industry. MCS ship supply, has everything at hand to supply whatever your fleet needs. Anything, from food and beverages to technical parts and safety supplies, as well as deck and medical supplies. It is part of our mission to provide supplies on time, with sustaining great quality of goods and ensuring trustworthy cooperation with our customers.
The range of goods and products we supply is devided in to four categories:
Food • Hotel • Technical • Medical



Our meat selection covers all main meat-producing regions of the world, including Europe, South America, US and many others. We offer a wide variety of chilled as well as frozen meats – beef, pork and lamb, ranging from prime cuts to meat sub products. All our portfolio products are subject to strictest quality controls, certified HAACP storage conditions and to quality assurance programs, to ensure only freshest and most delicious end results.


Our extensive product range offers the perfect fish and seafood solutions from top quality fillets and scampi, to prawns, as well as sushi products and select gourmet products.

Discover a variety of chilled and frozen poultry products offered by us, that are delicious and sure to please your customers. Versatile and profitable, we carry an incredible range of raw and cooked poultry products to serve your food service needs.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are the most important ingredients on the kitchen. We do our best to ensure, that you get the best quality of fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world.
We offer a wide range of the base ingredients such as flours, oils, dairy products, rice and a range of bakery items, cooking creams and cheeses – ideal base for Chefs to create their own dishes.


Shipping is perhaps the most international of all the world’s great industries – and one of the most dangerous. We are able to provide you with all safety equipment needed on your ship to pass any IMO safety regulations.
The necessary infrastructure, professional knowledge, experience and trained personnel for carrying out Installation, Commissioning, Repairs and Routine Maintenance of all Marine navigational and communication equipment.
  • Diesel engines, auxiliaries, short blocks and spare parts.
  • Pumps, purifiers, heaters, air compressors and spare parts.
  • Various electric equipment.
  • Control instrumentation and automation equipment.
  • Deck and Engine stores.


Anything from toiletries, linens and sheets, pillows, blankets, laundry detergent, and anything else that is needed can also be supplied to your ship.


If a medical emergency shall arise on board of your vessel at any time during your journey or there will be need for special medication, our qualified staff can arrange for any medication and ambulance services at any port.


MCS tech are all about providing highly professional technical support for ship management companies and vessels’ operation. As was mentioned, we established MCS to provide the maritime sphere of business with an all-in-one package of services, from setting them on water and creating full functional team with the right management and satellite/ communication infrastructure, to providing full supply and technical support 24/7/365.

Owing to the highly skilled and experienced staff, our Company successfully works in the following main activities (areas):
  • Full management and maintenance of ships in operation
  • Supervision organization to conduct ships’ repair
  • Recruitment and seafarers’ employment (crew management)
  • Software development for shipping companies and vessels to manage duties of ashore and onboard personnel
  • Efficient delivery of spare parts to ship mechanisms


Satellite services is a new direction we are pursuing for our clients. A big problem of the shipping industry are the communication costs. We at MCS make it our mission to cut communication costs by 50% for sea and river going vessels.

Our technologies allow our clients to connect their local network to the internet, as well as use phone service at fantastic prices upon request.

Access to the internet is achieved by connecting clients’ station to the VSAT network MCS, which is followed by the communication of provided satellite link and the main connections teleport with the internet network, based on address space of MCS. The VSAT-network implemented mechanisms to adapt the parameters of satellite link to the conditions of admission on the side of the vessel and on the side of the teleport. It helps to minimize the effect of weather conditions on the ability to work of VSAT-network and ensure its reliable operation.

Technical support of the vessels is carried out by the duty shift of the teleport on the scheme 24/7. For more information on the cost benefits and setup procedures please feel free to contact our marketing department, seven days a week.


That is why you can always rely on us to receive the finest products, on time and at the best possible prices.

Your trustworthy partner and supplies 24/7/365

Marine Communication Service OÜ

Email: info@mcs.ee

Phone: +372 56219200